Centrally located in the southeast of the Balkan Peninsula, this fantastic country comprises mountainous part in southern and central Serbia, majority covered with forests and lowland in Vojvodina where wide areas of fields spread. It is becoming more popular due to its interesting mix of metropolis Belgrade which is one of the most ancient in Europe and traditional  countryside . Beeing part of two empires, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empire for many centuries, Serbia gives impression of „East meets West“ in every detail. Serbia is an authentic destination and magnificent country with exceptionally rich cultural monuments of which 6 are protected under UNESCO Cultural Heritage. Unlike some others, Serbia is literally etno country where tradition, folklore, excellent gastronomy and vivid culture come to the front. The citadel Kalemegdan is eyewitness of the capital’s turbulent history while Skadarska artsy neighborhood is romantic soul of the city welcoming all boemics and hedonistics. Visiting the rest of this beautiful country, no one wants to miss the colorful Drvengrad village in Zlatibor, many medieval mysterious monasteries and Orthodox churches as well as Austro-Hungarian fortifications and art nouveau buildings on the North of the country. The nightlife in Serbia’s capital has been touted as the best in the Balkans – and the rafts on the river Sava make every night feel like a Friday. This is the land of Nikola Tesla, Novak Đoković, Mihailo Pupin, Karl Malden, Mila Jovovich and many others.

Serbs are warm, generous, hospitable and open-hearted, always prepared to help you in any situation. They are imaginative, creative and strong and above all very inventive people.  When you visit Serbia you have no other options but to love it immediatelly.

Belgrade – the city that lies on two rivers  with the best nightlife on rafts

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Novi Sad


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