In the south-western part of the Balkan peninsula there is a land of eagles called  “Albania”. Still mostly undiscovered, Albania offers pristine Mediterranean beaches on one hand and rustic Balkan mountain charm on the other. Albania offers many natural wonders, mysterious and archeological sites as well as the picturesque villages where the time seems to have been stopped for many years  but also the buzzing capital Tirana which is unlike everything else in Albania. The long history left bountiful castles scattered around the country, fighting for traveler’s attention with UNESCO sites and National Parks.

Butrint, ancient archeological site, UNESCO site

Berat & Gjirokastra, best preserved Ottoman architecture, UNESCO site

Apolonia, remains of an ancient Greek city

Ohrid Lake, one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes

Skadar Lake National Park, the largest lake in the Balkans

Kruja, imposing Castle and bustling bazaar

Rozafa Castle, ancient Illirian stronghold

Tirana Town

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